Weight Loss With a Difference focuses on improving your overall health to enable your body to balance its metabolism and reduce or eliminate biochemical factors that may be making it difficult for you to lose weight. The aim is also to improve your energy, vitality and mood so that you are more able to stay focused and motivated. It also includes a range of practical tools to help make sure your efforts are focused in the right direction. It is built around 4 main principles:

Action: Intentions are great but its the daily habits and little changes that are going to get you where you want to be. The processes you'll learn are modelled on what 'successful' people (and that will include you) do to ignite their internal spark and make things happen. And surprisingly its without the 'hard work' we usually associate with achievement. Instead we'll target underlying issues that hold you back.. We'll talk a lot about 'feeling good' but we'll never talk about 'being good'.

Communication: Part of the programme will involve one-to-one communication working on your individual biochemical or coaching needs whilst another part will involve the power of group support. The whole programme will be based on great communication that helps you be the best you can possibly be. With weight loss challenge you may find the way you communicate - especially with yourself - affects your outcomes more than you might imagine. So come prepared to make friends with yourself and your body.

​​​​​Curiosity:If you've been struggling to lose weight for some time you probably know more than most people about healthy eating and exercise already. So why is it not that simple? You'll hear familiar news but with a new reframe, and there'll be plenty of things that may be new to you and  might surprise you. You'll need a basic interest in how your body and your mind work and how they could work better. There will be no counting or remembering complex information, lists or rules, which actually you may find to be the greatest challenge if you have followed other programmes for many years. Remember - its results you're looking for.

Vision: You'll need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve or you should have the desire to have me help you develop your vision. You'll then learn some powerful processes designed to take you step-by-step towards it. The aim of this programme is to make you independent: that means that once you have discovered enough you will then know how to get into the 'zone' by yourself and keep achieving - your time is free to be out doing the things you have always wanted. You may choose to keep in touch with us regularly on a social basis with ongoing inspiration from like-minded people to stay  motivated, but you'll have experienced the real power of change and won't want to go back!​

Weight Loss With A Difference