I had bad burning in my stomach, bad bloating and low mood. I decided to work with Erica because of her passion and level of expertise in the initial consultation. I was very encouraged by the amount of detail she covered. My bloating has now significantly reduced, the pain is much less frequent and I have increased motivation and mood. I am doing a lot more and have more hope. I have benefited by having help to build routines and make lifestyle changes, plus she has great expertise regarding supplements and diet.

Adam, 30

When I first came to see you I was experiencing acid reflux, nausea, weight loss, fatigue and depression. You were sympathetic and positive when I came to visit and you had counselled me on the phone initially. Since working with you the acid reflux has gone, my mood has improved significantly, my sleep is better and my weight has just started to increase slightly instead of falling. You have always been very prompt in responding sympathetically to my problems. Thank you very much for your coaching and support.

Margaret, 71

I was really at the end of my rope last year and had been for quite some time. I was struggling with my mental health, needing to lose weight, had digestive problems, chronic pain, issues with my menstrual cycle, hair loss, bad sleeping patterns and just no energy. I needed someone who would look at all my different problems and understand that they were connected. Part of me thought that Erica would say she couldn't help but what I got from her was the opposite; straight away she explained what she thought could help. I committed to working with her because of her positivity and enthusiasm and I really started seeing results. My weight has started coming off a little more quickly, my digestion is much better, being dragged out for a 10 minute walk around the block is now 5km without collapsing for the next 2 days and my mood is lifting. I finally have a purpose with all this, something practical I can do to bring about change and the biggest benefit of working with Erica is being empowered to do this. I do rely on her, the support face-to-face and via messages is incredible but more importantly I feel I am doing this with her support, rather than her doing it for me, which is much more sustainable in the long run. This is because Erica has set it up this way, so that she is not the answer but is sharing the answers with me. Unless there is an option to clone Erica, there is nothing I would change

Mandy, 32

I have been bothered by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for far too long and now I am determined that there are no obstacles, difficulties or challenges that I cannot overcome. It has not been an easy ride for me and I have to say that I couldn't do this without the help and advice that Erica has given me. She does it with such passion and positivity that it becomes infectious and you suddenly realise that the tools are available to help make it happen. I have learned some amazing skills to help me find the best approach to altering my mindset, to follow through with the practical advice, to keep going and to not give in and I know that Erica will keep pushing me to achieve better health. 

Lynne, 67

I had been to the doctors about bloating, nausea, pain and multiple other symptoms. I had undergone tests but nothing had been found. From my first meeting with Erica it was clear she listened to the issues and struggles I was facing. She suggested some alternative tests so we could help piece together the mystery surrounding my body. Each test has had a positive outcome, they have shown something new and formed different solutions to the problems. My chronic fatigue is getting better slowly, each day at a time and the quantity of food my body is able to digest has gone up. As time moves forward I will be adding more food groups in, slowly and only when I am comfortable and sure the pain surrounding the food has gone completely.

Megan, 18

I am in my mid forties, have a very stressful job, I had put on a significant amount of weight and felt close to breaking point. I was averaging about 3-4 hours of broken sleep per night, I wan't eating properly and I was running on empty. I initially came to see you to learn about nutrition as I desperately wanted to lose weight. I can remember saying in the first session, ‘I am not thick I should able to do this on my own’ but clearly I needed some help and had done for some time. You listened to what I was going through, how I was feeling and were never judgemental. You identified the role that stress was playing in my eating habits and helped me think about things differently. You provided me with a foolproof nutrition plan taking into account my lack of time and lack of confidence with cooking. 

Reducing stress has played a big part in feeling better about life and in turn that has helped my eating patterns and losing weight. I still have a stressful job, work long hours, I still don't like to fail but my attitude has changed. In moments of madness when my stress levels start rising I hear your voice in my head, I stop, think, breathe and get myself back on track. My first reaction to it is no longer 'no, I can't'. I am more open to what life can offer and I put myself first. In such a short period I've completely changed my relationship with food, the quality and quantity of my sleep has improved, I've stopped putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself, and I work more effectively.

A couple of things we discussed really stuck in my head and have led me to make two massive changes in my life which might have otherwise sent me loopy. And at the time of writing the weight is still coming off without feeling denied of anything. I hope you really understand the help you have given me - life is starting to be fun again and for that I thank you. You've been a total game changer! 

Sarah 44

My first session was invaluable and I came away really focused. With each session I feel really inspired and motivated. I’ve completed a 3 month programme and I’m clear about what I want to do and how to go about it. I’m sticking to a relatively good diet, I’m meeting my goals, managing to wear clothes I haven’t had on for a long time (I’ve lost a stone) and I am not bloating. Erica also communicated with my GP and with help from both I have been able to come off some of my medication which I am really pleased about. It has all had such a good impact on my self esteem. Thank you!

Jenny, 63

What my clients say

Erica has helped me deal with issues which have been troubling me since childhood, in such a positive way. She has such empathy and excellent listening skills. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me. I really feel different and more than ready to face my challenges. I am much happier and more confident.

Joyce 69

Over the past years I had became intolerant of more and more foods, particularly meat. My symptoms were always similar – general malaise and fatigue the day after eating. I was already gluten free which seemed to help a bit, but decided to seek help from a professional nutritional therapist and found Erica, liked her CV, went to see her and was very impressed. Over the last three months she has guided me through diet and lifestyle changes backed up by testing and supplements. It was surprisingly painless and now most of the forbidden foods are back on the menu and my energy levels have improved considerably. I would have no reservations in recommending Erica to anyone.

Trevor, 73