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A follow up consultation is recommended 4 weeks after your Health Review and Strategy Consultation to monitor your progress, ensure the programme is working well for you and to tweak it as necessary.

If you have severe or chronic health issues a series of follow up consultations may be recommended. Sometimes uncovering the underlying causes of health problems can be like peeling an onion and a step approach is needed. I measure my success by your achievements, so I really encourage you to learn and become your own health expert (in conjunction with your GP) over the longer term.

Follow up Consultation

  • We'll talk through the Health Questionnaire you have already completed so that I get to understand your health history in detail and have a picture of underlying biochemical, nutritional, lifestyle and/or genetic influences that may be causing you problems. I'll draw some conclusions about which functional body systems may have been compromised and in which way. 
  • I'll explain simply, but in as much detail as you require, issues relevant to body chemistry and physiology that will help you understand recommended strategies
  • I will help you to set specific goals that are motivating and achievable for you whilst whilst giving the best chance of successful outcomes
  • I will document your health plan and provide you with practical information and support
  • I'll encourage and motivate you to achieve you goals
  • The practical implications of different strategies
  • Whether supplements or laboratory tests might be useful
  • Which specific tools can help you achieve your goals

Health Review & Strategy Consultation

  • The evidence available regarding the effect of nutritional therapy strategies on health issues you are particularly concerned about​
  • Which strategies may be viable and how we would identify the most appropriate strategy for you

Initial consultation

Typically this consultation will last between 1.5 - 2 hours. We'll focus on your goals and how you can achieve them.

It is easy to explain the basics of nutritional therapy in clinical and scientific terms. But what will it mean to you personally and how might it impact your life? Your initial consultation allows me to step into your shoes to understand your issues and together we can really identify your needs and what might be holding you back from the life or health you want. You'll be getting loads of really great, practical information (much of which may surprise you), simple but effective techniques you can use to help you move towards your goals quickly and easily and you'll probably be asking me lots of questions by the end! Typically you might like to discuss:

What can I expect from my Nutritional Therapy consultation?